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Homeownership as a vehicle to build wealth

May 16,2023 | Posted By Dinorah Carmenate in re
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I have always said that homeownership and owning real estate is the easiest and fastest way for anyone to create wealth.  In fact, today many of my first-time homebuyers from the 1990s are MILLIONAIRES because they own their home plus 1 or more rental units.  These clients aren’t educated scholars making six-figure incomes, they are blue-collar workers making an average wage and their net worth is most likely higher than the executives of the companies they work in.
Homeownership levels the playing field for all of us.  Homeownership does not care who you are .  .  .  homeownership and creating wealth through homeownership is for everyone.    
When looking at homeownership, most of us put it aside because we can’t buy our “dream home” as first-time homeowners.  What do you have to think about if you cannot buy your dream home, what real estate can you buy to get started?  Do you have to buy a condo and live a bit cramped for a few years before you can sell it and then buy your dream home . . . or maybe you may have to move out of the area and change jobs so you can afford your dream home.  There may be a sacrifice you have to make in order to start your homeownership journey and start to create wealth.  This will be a sacrifice you will never regret. 
Today I have clients that live a blissful retirement because they were able to do a reverse mortgage on their home and live happily ever after. 
Today I have clients that sold their starter homes and live in their beautiful dream homes and pinch themselves thinking they never thought they would be able to live in such a house/area.
Today I have clients that have decided to semi-retire because they earn passive income through their rentals.
Today I have clients that are just starting out and doing what they have to do to get to the next step of homeownership.
With homeownership, THE SKY IS THE LIMIT.  Call me if you are ready to start your homeownership journey.  Whether you’re a first-time buyer or right-sizing your home, I can help you.

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She is very good real estate person. She helped us very much. For 20 years she helped us to buy again another home for investment....
- Hugo Rios

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