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Rent Versus Buy in 2023??

March 21,2023 | Posted By Dinorah Carmenate in re
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With the interest rates much higher today than a year ago, the question is it worth it to buy versus rent . . . YES YES YES!!!  My answer to that question will always be YES!!!
Why, because when you own your home you not only get the advantages of stability in your monthly economics, a sense of community, and owning and very most importantly, owning your own home is like saving for you and your family’s future.
Each month you make a payment, is 1 month less you will be closer to owning your own home free and clear.  Yes, 30 years seems like a long time but as we all know as we get older, TIME FLIES.
Also, add to that the tax benefits that come with homeownership which is just another cherry on top for you when owning a home.
Many clients are opting to add ADU’s “auxiliary dwelling units” to their properties and/or converting their garages (now permitted by the State of CA) and are offsetting their housing expenses and generating income for themselves and their families bringing their overall expenses drastically down.
When you own your home, you have options.  When you are a renter, you are stuck on a cycle that is never-ending paying rent, complying with another’s rules and regulations like no pets,  and most importantly with just a 2-month notice you could be asked to leave the property.  All that money you paid, went to pay your landlord's mortgage, not yours. 
If you are not sure whether you qualify to be a homeowner, if you are not sure what the process is to obtain a loan to become a homeowner, call me now, and let’s set up a time to meet and review your different options.
If you already own your home and would like more information on the State of CA programs for ADUs and/or garage conversions, call me and let’s discuss your options.
And ALWAYS, ALWAYS call me if it's time to right-size your home.  The market is still great for sellers and if you are over 62+ I can help you buy another home, keep your current property taxes, and HAVE ZERO MORTGAGE PAYMENT.  Call Me Now.

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She is very good real estate person. She helped us very much. For 20 years she helped us to buy again another home for investment....
- Hugo Rios

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