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Should My House Be In A Living Trust

May 30,2023 | Posted By Dinorah Carmenate in re
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Our WILLS/TRUSTS event of April 29th was a huge SUCCESS.  All the seats were filled!!!  Many thanks to everyone who attended and participated.

We are grateful to attorney Sarah Rinelli for explaining in plain terms why we require both a Will and a Living Trust. . . just in case.

Even I, who thought I knew a lot about Living Trusts and Wills, learned so much.  Again, a BIG thank you to attorney, Sarah Rinelli.
I am attaching an article for all of you to read that talks about the benefits of having a living trust.  I am so passionate about this subject right now because 10-20 years ago, I rarely had clients call me to ask me “What do I do, my spouse, parents, family passed and we cannot sell their house.”

Today, I receive calls on a MONTHLY basis from clients, their children, relatives panicked because they cannot sell “the house” because there is no WILL/TRUST in place and do not have the money to keep making the payments, pay the taxes and upkeep the property which puts them at risk of losing the house AND ALL THE EQUITY to foreclosure.

At the same time, I get calls monthly from clients who say “Dinorah I have a living trust but I can’t sell the house.”  This is ALWAYS because the person that helped them set up the trust did not prepare and/or record the transfer papers of the house into the trust.  This is a crucial step in this process.  Unfortunately at this point, it’s a minimum of $5,000 to get this worked out through the courts so that the heirs can sell “the house.”

If you don’t have a WILL/LIVING TRUST, now is the time to get it handled.  If you do have your WILL/LIVING TRUST AND want to verify that your house/properties are recorded in the name of the living trust with the County, contact me and I’ll verify this information for you.  If it is not, you have options to get this handled now before it’s too late.

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