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What’s Better New Construction or Existing Homes

June 19,2023 | Posted By Dinorah Carmenate in re
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Daily I receive questions from clients asking which is better . . .  buying a new home or an existing home and, in my personal opinion, there are pros/cons to both. 

A new home is great because it's BRAND SPANKING NEW and usually all the finishing touches are exactly as you choose with the builder and your home is built exactly as you want.  And, on the other hand, unfortunately, sometimes a new home can be disappointing because you think once your home is done, it’ll look like the model and it does not.  Normally the new homes never look like the models because the models have very high-end finishes and it is professionally staged and furnished.  When we move into our new home, if we don’t upgrade the finishes and/or have a professional decorator help us finalize all the furniture and furnishings, guess what, you may end up disappointed.  Nonetheless, a new home is a new home . . . never been lived in with no issues from previous homeowners.

An existing home, if you choose the right one, usually already has all the finishing touches and upgrades.  The landscaping is usually completely grown in and there is no need to spend on landscaping if you are in an established neighborhood with surrounding neighbors which is not always the case in a new development.  Existing homes are usually located in the city and are closer to shopping and transportation.  The unfortunate part of an existing home is you are buying an older home.  Some of the characteristics of an existing home, if you don’t like them, may require major construction to repair or modernize the property.

As you can see there are pros/cons to buying an existing home versus a new home.  Right now if you are thinking of buying a new home, now is the time because there are a lot of new homes available.  Builders are bending over backward to help buyers get into their new homes and there are definitely many more homes to choose from when buying a new home.  The attached article will help you navigate other pros/cons of both options. 
If you are looking to make a move and not sure if you should buy a new home or an existing one, call me and we can look at both options to see what is just right for you and your family.

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